Limit Space / Threshold
Installation, In situ, Interactivity, Light and Shadow, Time, Science

The project Limit Space or Threshold is a space in which temperature varies between 25 and 43 degree Celsius. As internal body temperature, they mean the extreme limits of hypothermia and hyperthermia, beyond which you die from cold or heat. The temperature changes between these two thresholds are translated into coloured light.

At 25°C and below, man dies of hypothermia : white light.
From 25 to 31°C is a ”critical zone”, the human being is in a near-death state and can die any moment. This critical zone is divided into two parts:
From 25 to 28°C : light blue light.
From 28 to 31°C : dark blue light.
From 31 to 36°C man is in hypothermia : violet light.
Between 36 and 39°C are man’s normal body temperatures : red light.
From 39 to 41°C man enters the state of hyperthermia : orange light.
From 41 to 43°C man enters again a critical zone, he is in a near-death state and can die any minute : yellow light.
At 43°C and beyond, the human being dies of hyperthermia : white light.

This heat and light installation is a paradox, a sort of glove turned inside out that excites our sensations and permits us to experience and to see our own limits.

This work is the continuation of a project for public space imagined several years ago, with highly social and political dimensions.