Installation, Interactivity, Light and Shadow

The story of this shadow is inspired by Chamisso’s and Andersen’s tales.

The visitor of the exhibition lives the experience of his own shadow’s loss.

After having taken of his shoes, the visitor enters individually the space, which, by an infrared detection system, switches of the light and plunges the room into darkness.
When he walks around, he sees a luminous form on the ground, it is phosphorescent, and he recognizes the figure of a stylizised human shadow that could be his own when the sun is low.
When he stands right where the image of the shadow would correspond to his own body, his feet joining the shadow’s, what seemed at first to be an invitation to an encounter, reveals to be that of an inevitable “loss”. The light goes on automatically (impulsed by a contact mat), and the shadow disappears, dissolving in the colour of the ground painted exactly in the same tonality, though not phosphorescent.
When stepping back, the “loss” is completed in the darkness : the lights go out immediately, but the shadow (the phosphor recharged by the light) continues to glow and to emit energy in that palpitating optical sensation caracteristic of phosphor.
When leaving the space, the detection system puts on the light again, in order to recharge the phosphor shadow for the next visitor.