Sculpture, Light and Shadow

The rainbow-perfume Arc-en-ciel is a scent of water and light,
a sort of « olfactive painting » or « volatile sculpture ».

It doesn’t stay for long and is composed by six naturel essences diluted in alcohol, each translating one of the rainbow colours :
Rosa damascena - Red
Citrus sinensis (z) - Orange
Citrus llimon (z) - Yellow
Cedrus atlantica - Green
Gommier bleu - Blue
Lavandula vera - Violet

The perfume Arc-en-ciel has been presented for the first time at the exhibition Somewhere over the rainbow, FRAC Haute-Normandie. It has been shown at the art biennial L’art d’être au monde in the City of Melle, under the artistic direction of Dominique Truco, where visitors could appreciate it in the local drugstore, and at ANMA, Paris, for the 10th anniversary of Nicolas Michelin’s architecture agency.