Curtain !
Installation, In situ, Politics, Sound, Light and Shadow

An Italian style theatre built with scaffolding elements, opening up to the “stage” which is behind the majestic arched window that dominates the space, the “show” being the city life.

Jason Karaïndros’ work opens up to the world. Between appearance and disappearance, shadows and twilight, he makes us feel the essence of things and the meaning of “being”. Sometimes frontally, by pointing at what we tend to forget or refuse to see ; often, in a more subtle way, his work reveals the true nature of elements. His work needs time to sense it fully. At the Maréchalerie, Jason Karaïndros transformes the space - a hybride, atypically recomposed architecture, though charged with the strong and prestigeous history of the Versailles castle - into a theatre of the traditional Italian type, where a show conceived and produced by the artist is played. Scaffolding elements are put up on two levels to compose the architectural structure of a theatre, inviting the visitor to stroll through ambulatory, galleries and balcony. The huge arched window of the exhibition space is closed by a stage curtain : opposing the simplicity of the metal structure - ephemeral, simple constructive elements - , the precious red velvet reminds us immediately of the theatre world. The space is softly lit by spotlights. An invisible orchestra’s instruments start to tune. What is going to happen ? What are we waiting for ? What kind of show is going to be performed ? Then the lights dim ... the orchestra stops, the curtain opens ... All of a sudden, light penetrates the space, daylight this time, together with the city and its visual ond sound caracteristics : amiances of versailles and of other cities of the world, gathered by the artist on his trips to different urban sites ... familiar sounds. The city, as the exhibition space itself, is “spectacularized”, “scenographed”. Thoughts wander around and wonder : waiting, listening and observing. The artist invites us to look at the city, to hear its silences and its outbursts, to be attentive to the world, the others and oneself. Starting with a very precise construction, the images Jason Karaïndros creates evoque emotions and apeal to our senses : hearing, seeing. They are sparcles keeping the mind and the heart awake ; life comes following attentive observation : a certain form of “active contemplation”.

Valérie Knochel