Chasing Shadows
Video, Installation, In situ, Light and Shadow

An artist is sleeping on a sofa in his studio ; his dreams (erotic, macabre and in the jungle) become shadows haunting the walls of the studio as well as his working tools. A contemporary shadow theatre, played with ancient Indonesian shadow puppets from Jason Karaïndros’ collection.

Four channel video installation, at Stéphane Pichard’s studio. Contextual work produced for the exhibition "Chasse à l’ombre", CLAIRE PRESENTE Jerôme Borel & Jason Karaïndros.

Video A "Sleep", 20 minutes, silent
Video B "Eros", 6 minutes, soundtrack : Infinity, Aphrodite’s Child
Video C "Thanatos", 6 minutes, soundtrack : La danse macabre, Saint-Saëns
Video D "Animals" 6 minutes, soundtrack : Peter and the Wolf, Prokofiev

The four videos have been filmed in the exhibition space itself, and have been on display on the artist’s working tools : two computer screens, a monitor, and a pad. These tools are nearly exactly at their ordinary location.