Acrobatic Act
Video, Installation, Interactivity, Time, Lines

For this work, a special computer program has been created. It commands hundreds of images simultaneously and analogically to the infinite cyclical rythme of the tides in Saint-Malo, one of the places on Earth where this natural phenomenom is the strongest to be observed. The program reads in real time to the inner clock of the computer and calculates accordingly the tidal height in Sant-Malo, translated into one of the images. The image is renewed about every minute.
It is a counter-current computer animation, the movements being subtle, nearly unperveivable, considering the fact that every low or high tide takes about 6 hours.
An inscription, the first verset of the poem Dead Death by Ghérasim Luca, appears and disappears slowly during the animation. The text « drowns », it becomes blurred and unreadable when the sea level rises ; and respectively emerges from the water when the tide goes down again 6 hours later.
The verset of the poem goes as following :

With an extreme mental voluptousness and
in a state of perpetual affective and physical excitement
do I pursue in myself and outside
this infinite acrobatic act.

The work is an hommage to this roumanian poet who committed suicide in 1994, aged 81, throwing himself from a bridge into the Seine in Paris.