Current Value
Politics, Sculpture, Money

13 small, 3 cm diametre, absolutely identical steel spheres are signed and numbered, as it is customary for any “limited edition” work of art.

Eight pieces are numbered from 1/8 to 8/8, four artist’s proofs numbered from I/IV to IV/IV, and one piece is not for sale.

To each piece is arbitrarily attributed a value (at the time in French Francs). While the piece that is not for sale has a value of 0 Francs, the value of the others grows exponentally, each time a zero added : Thus 1/8 costs 1 Francs, 2/8 10 Francs, 3/8 100 Francs, untill the artist’s proof IV/IV that costs Francs.

“Current Value” has been initially presented in an art and design mail-order catalogue. An ironic commentary on artist ratings and the art market.
For versions in Euros, Dollar, Yen, Ouguiya, Swiss Francs ..., according to their face value, please contact the artist.